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Our original Fragrance

Oud Magique

The smell of this magical oud is a perfect fit for your special occasion. It spells others to attract to you and brings out your inner confidence; just like a magical perfume should do and makes you feel strong, sexy, and confident. – Oud Magique

An evocative fragrance


Introducing Snover Deep Sea! Inspired by the smells of the ocean, this new fragrance is part of our new line. Snover Deep Sea will bring you relaxation and joy, with a perfect mix of aquatic and marine notes.

Deep sea snover

The new fragrance that will surprise you every day

A touch of elegance

The Evanescence of Dreams

Take a smelling vacation to the beach every day with our long-lasting scents. Impenetrably strong, it‘s like standing next to the ocean when you apply this scent under your nose. You’ll relish sniffing this all day long. Evanescence of dreams

The Snover

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