Warrior of Light Perfume


Warrior of Light, is a fragrance for the light warrior. It is an artisan experience to the highest degree. An invigorating and fragrant twist on a classic masculine scent comprised of complex aromatic oils and a hint of woody notes, creating an exotic and masculine aroma. Also available at our store at Toronto Premium outlets

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Product Details: Warrior of Light Perfume by Snover

Fragrance Family: Oriental Fruity

Warrior of Light Perfume

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Notes: Fruity, Fresh Spicy, Aquatic
  • Heart Notes: Aromatic, Cinnamon, Warm Spicy
  • Base Notes: Sweet, Powdery Amber, Vanilla

Fragrance Description: Step into the realm of inner strength and radiance with Warrior of Light Perfume by Snover. This fragrance showcases a captivating blend of vanilla, fruity, sweet, aromatic, cinnamon, warm spicy, fresh spicy, powdery amber, and aquatic accords, creating an oriental fruity scent that is both empowering and alluring.

At the top, Perfume dazzles with a burst of fruity notes, accompanied by a fresh and spicy twist. These invigorating accords bring vibrancy and energy to the composition, setting the stage for a captivating olfactory journey.

In the heart, the fragrance reveals an aromatic and warm embrace. Notes of cinnamon and warm spicy elements intertwine, creating a sense of power and sensuality. These captivating accords capture the essence of inner strength and confidence.

The base notes of Perfume leave a lasting impression, combining sweetness with a powdery amber and vanilla accord. This blend adds depth and warmth to the fragrance, enveloping you in a comforting and alluring aura.

Application: Perfume is designed for those who want to embrace their inner power and radiate confidence. Apply it to pulse points such as the wrists, neck, and behind the ears for optimal diffusion.

Packaging: This Perfume by Snover is housed in an elegant and striking bottle that reflects the strength and beauty within. Its design represents the empowering nature of the fragrance, making it a statement piece in your collection.

Experience the captivating allure of Warrior of Light Perfume. Let its unique blend of vanilla, fruity, sweet, aromatic, cinnamon, warm spicy, fresh spicy, powdery amber, and aquatic accords empower your spirit and ignite your radiance. Embrace your inner warrior with The Perfume by Snover.

Weight 100 g
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